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Don’t Fear for the safety of children and pedestrians in your community…. DO SOMETHING!

Install Paver Patch Rumble Strips – A Safe & Effective Alternative to Speed Bumps

An Revolutionary Solution for Traffic Calming and Asphalt Maintenance

  • Revolutionary Traffic Calming Device Proven to Slow Vehicles in Residential Communities and Parking Lots
  • Approved by Fire Departments
  • Will Not Damage Vehicles
  • Made of Heavy Duty Concrete Pavers Installed in Asphalt Pavement
  • Includes: Polymeric Joint Sand, Stain Blocking Sealer, Geo-Fabric and Perimeter Sealant
  • Paver Patch Rumble Strips Look Terrific!
  • Installed in HOA Communities and Commercial Properties (link to lists)
  • FREE HOA Traffic Calming Consultation
  • Electronic Traffic Analysis Available to Quantify Need for Traffic Calming Measures
  • Contact Us for List of Paver Patch Approved Contractors

Call Toll-Free 888-835-6809 or Email info@paverpatch.com

Paver Patch Rumble Strips are the Perfect Traffic Calming Solution for:

*Apartments *Condos *Shopping Centers *Professional Business Parks *Schools *Residential Communities

Try all the Paver Patch Products!

Oil Spot Patch

A cost effective, permanent solution to patching deteriorated asphalt in parking stalls.
Fix It Once – Fix It Forever!

Paver Rumble Strips

An innovative traffic calming device that gives distracted drivers the feeling that they better pay attention.

Asphalt Patch

An economical and environmentally friendly alternative to patching asphalt pavement.

Call Toll-Free 888-835-6809 or Email info@paverpatch.com

Check out our handy Paver Patch Traffic Calming Report

CLICK HERE to download a Comprehensive Traffic Calming Report and Learn Why Paver Patch Rumble Strips are the Best Solution over Dangerous Speed Bumps. This report addresses the various traffic calming device options, including pavement markings and signage, specific permitting requirements for Clark County, Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas along with detailed information about electronic traffic analysis including sample reports.

list of HOAs with Paver Rumble Strips